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Discovery Land Services, LLC

Discovery Land Services, LLC

Discovery Land Services (“Discovery”) is a Denver-based full service land brokerage with extensive domestic experience that is committed to providing unparalleled results on each and every project.

This is accomplished by using its seasoned team of Project Managers, title examiners and lease brokers to timely complete each project within Client parameters and budgetary guidelines.

Further cost-saving efficiencies are realized by Discovery’s use of a variety of internally designed programming tools and applications to effectively query and capture electronically all available online data.

The entire Discovery Team are sanctioned members of and closely adhere to the professional standards of the American Association of Professional Landmen.


James T. Hubert, CPL
1738 Wynkoop St., Suite 302
Denver ,CO 80202
United States of America
(303) 993-3591 Ext. 100
(303) 993-3591 fax.