Membership Procedures

Application for Membership

Follow the steps below to complete the application process. You will find all resources necessary listed below the application process steps. Please allow 3-4 weeks for your application to be approved.

    1. Read the qualifications for Active, Associate or Student membership.
    2. Complete and submit the online application which can be located at the bottom of this list.
    3. Pay your dues online or mail them in to the HAPL office.
    4. Contact two Active (as defined in the HAPL By Laws) HAPL members that have agreed to sponsor you and ask them to go to this site and complete the online Sponsor Form (found on the homepage menu and below).  If you need assistance in this, please contact the HAPL Office Manager at (713) 622-6868. 
      NOTE: Applicants who hold either CPL or RPL designation and are in good standing with AAPL do not need sponsors.
    5. We will be able to process your application when we've received:
      • Your Online Application
      • Completed Sponsor Forms
      • Dues Payment

 You will be notified by e-mail when your application is approved for membership.

Upon approval, return to the HAPL website and follow the initial logon instructions.  Once you've logged on, you can access the membership directory and other features of the HAPL website.

Qualifications for Membership

Online Membership Application

Sponsor an Applicant Form